Friday, November 19, 2010

Dietitian on a Mission...not always in the Kitchen

This is just an "FYI" post, but there was an article in my local newspaper by a dietitian in town who did a great job breaking down the job description of a dietitian as well as addressing a lot of the misconceptions. I can relate, that in a typical day's work, I am referred to as everything from "doctor" to "the food lady," and even as- wait for it- the "poop lady." (As one of my professors used to say- you can tell a lot about a person's eating habits by their poop; "what you eat is what you excrete."...That saying is a personal highlight from my college career, and I ask people about their poop all the time). Anyway, there are a lot of misconceptions about what we do and how we help people, and any registered dietitian will tell you it makes our skin crawl a little bit when we are called "nutritionists" (the article explains why).


  1. You have never asked me about MY poop, Heather... but I am pretty sure somewhere along the line I have voluntarily offered up the information :)

  2. what is it with you dietitians? Kristin (Berengolts) has asked me about my poop, too!!