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When I started this blog in 2010, my "mission" was quite different than it is today. I was a clinical dietitian in a hospital looking for a fun way to enhance my professional practice. At the time, my work centered around educating patients on various medical diets, including weight loss, and counseling them for success. Then, entered  my now-husband, and his military career brought us across the world to Italy. So I'm taking a break from the traditional working world to rediscover food and nutrition at it's finest: pure and simple. This break has allowed me to shift my focus to my more creative pursuits: cooking, recipe development, writing, and food photography.

Simple. I think when you cook and eat foods with quality ingredients then you don't need a whole lot else. Thanks Italy for showing me how oh-so simple can be oh-so good. "Clean" is a big buzz-word going around in the food world. I prefer 'unprocessed' since it is a little more clearly defined. And in terms of whether I eat 100% "clean"- see the next point.

Realistic. I don't do extreme in any sense of the word, especially when it comes to food. I strongly dislike extreme diets- even healthy ones. I keep healthy foods in our home, but when my husband wants the occasional burger and fries (or Neopolitan pizza), I'm right there with him. My personal rule of thumb is to choose the healthiest option 90% of the time. (And if it were up to me, dark chocolate would be it's own food group).

Nutritious: As a Registered Dietitian, I see food through the lens of nutrition. I can't help it, it's in my DNA. I can look at a Paula Deen recipe for deep fried chicken and still devise how to make it healthier. It doesn't mean I'll do it, but I love to modify recipes to make them healthier. (Plus I think things taste better when you know they're good for you. Is that just me?)

Delicious. Basically, food should taste good. God gave us taste buds so we can enjoy what we eat. My mission is to illuminate the idea that nutritious and delicious are one and the same. Bon appetit!

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