Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pantry Clean-Out Week = Bring on the Pumpkin

My Christmas gift/ yearly supply of Pumpkin
There are really 3 reasons we have "Pantry-clean-out" weeks in this house:    

1) I spent a ridiculous amount of money on groceries that month and I'm determined to use up what we have before buying more. (These usually occur at the end of the month)

2) I'm trying to rid the pantry of JUNK that has accumulated due to either a) having an especially busy month and therefore buying stuff I wouldn't normally buy; or b) Chris has laid the guilt on THICK and somehow we end up with ice cream, golden Oreos, Nutella, and other unidentifiable processed goods. 

3) Or- and this is the fun reason: Summer is fading and I'm getting ready for Pumpkin Season!!- I mean, Fall. In case you weren't aware, I do have about 28 lbs of pumpkin remaining from the previous year. And it's been waiting oh-so patiently to make it's debut. I only hope there isn't a pumpkin drought this year or I'm really going to have be wise about how I ration these 28 lbs!

So, here is my pantry and fridge at the end of this week: 

More than enough condiments, coffee, 1.5 measly carrots and cream soda (<--the Mr's)

And here it is now- after some minor redecorating :)

12 lbs minimum in pantry at all times. Just kidding. Kind of.

And I was so excited to make my yearly batch of pumpkin spice mix. This year I went with the recipe from Pumpkin Nook's Cookbook

Now, lest you think I've gone too far, let me tell you about a REAL issue. Chris and I had a semi-legitimate "tiff"- not an argument- about when the Christmas tree should go up. It's August 31st people!! My dear sweet hubby wants to put up the Christmas tree on Halloween. (!!). Yes, you read that right, Halloween. I mean, that is in the prime of Pumpkin Season, and he's trying to overshadow all the Thanksgiving delightfulness by putting up our 2.5 foot tree. Eyebrows were raised and threatening remarks may or may not have been made... but alas, I will probably give in. After his 28 years on earth, the man has mastered the puppy dog eyes and I gotta be honest, he's darn cute.  Those same puppy dog eyes are how we end up with "ice cream, golden Oreos, Nutella and other unidentifiable processed goods" in the house.

Pumpkin Collage:
Pumpkin Cupcakes- Birthday 2010

Pumpkin Cookbook Christmas 2011
The gift that gives all year.

P.S. Did anyone notice how I used both "lest" and "alas"? I've been reading too many 18th century novels.


  1. You are too cute. I'm definitely going to try that pumpkin spice recipe, and you might need to share a recipe or two from your little cookbook you have pictured there. :) Thanks for sharing, Heather!

  2. I like the PS...haha. I get like that after I read Jane Austen novels. What have you been reading?

    Also, do you already have a pumpkin pancake recipe? I kind of created my own with oatmeal that I really liked. I can share if you want it.

    My own P.S. - I will get to responding to your message...hopefully sometime soon!