Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Coming out of hibernation..

I'm baaaack!
I'm still here! Despite my lack of blogging, our cooking (and eating) has not diminished in the least! However, as autumn faded into winter and the Christmas season, I found my creative juices seemed to come to a halt. The month between Thanksgiving and Christmas is always a time where I want to make all the old familiar comfort foods and family favorites. As my mother always reminds me, I like traditions, especially when it comes to holidays. Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete, in my eyes, without cranberry crunch and lumpy mashed potatoes (the lumps are crucial); and December practically screams for warm and creamy foods (and abundant sweets). For a look at what I've been cooking over the past month, you can check out my pinterest page for some insight. I've made nearly everything under the "Fall/Winter Favorites" category. Some of my personal faves were: Gingerbread waffles, Giada's lentil soup, lower-cal fettuccine alfredo, and pork with cherry sauce. Yum!

But not to worry, my posts will be returning. I've got two in the works- one of which will include the incredibly creative and thoughtful (and ridiculous) Christmas gift from my hubby. Oh, did I mention this was our first Christmas together? Here we are at a Christmas Gala in Naples. It's also the picture on my Christmas cards that have yet to arrive...
Isn't he a stud?? :)


  1. Um...yes, he is. :) I'm so happy for you guys!

    I saw your mommy walking down the street yesterday afternoon, and it had me thinking about you. It's good to see that you're doing (and eating) well!

    Love you, friend!
    Brittany Kiel

  2. Brittany- so good to hear from you! Thanks for saying hi! Hope all is well with you too :)

  3. Love your Grandma Dot! Did she teach you many recipes? I love that you still got to bake for the holidays with your family via Skype. Your mom was so excited!!