Monday, October 31, 2011

First article published! Woohoo!

As I've mentioned previously, there isn't a big demand for dietitians here in Italy (unless I want to enlist in the military- no thanks). After 2 years of working in a teaching/counseling setting at a research-oriented hospital, I know the importance of "keeping my feet wet" in the nutrition world in order to not lose my skills. Before I got married I applied for a freelance writing job on a whim; one that allows me to write as frequently as I wish about nutrition-related topics. Besides the small amount of extra spending money, it allows me to keep up to date with some current research, and consumer interest topics such as dieting, weight loss, and medical nutrition therapy.

Anywho- my first article was published this month! Hopefully I'll be able write more regularly in the future. Check it out here:

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